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The Partners

Kate McDougall - BA (Melb) Historian

Katrina McDougall obtained an Arts degree at the University of Melbourne (majoring in History) and has been involved in the area of cultural heritage conservation and the built environment since 1973. She has been a partner in McDougall & Vines since its establishment in Adelaide in 1987, after previously working with the Heritage Branch.

She is a contributing member of many government committees associated with the assessment of heritage, legislation and funding including the SA Heritage Act Review and the Australian National Estate Grants Program. She has served as a member of the Council of the National Trust (South Australia) and its Corporate Services Committee for seven years and has just completed second term as Vice President of the National Trust. Kate also filled the role of Administrative Director of the National Trust for two months in late 1998.

Her main area of professional interest is in historical research into all aspects of the development of architecture; buildings, styles, architects, town planning and city development and this has formed the basis for her work in many areas of cultural heritage conservation. As well as the conservation of individual places and areas, she is particularly interested in education and the provision of community information relating to architectural and social history and its importance in the conservation of the historic built environment. Most recently she has been concerned with the links between heritage conservation and town and area planning and the development of a useful code of practice in heritage management for town and country planners in South Australia.

Elizabeth Vines - B.Arch (hons) Melb ARAIA

Elizabeth has a Bachelor of Architecture Degree (with First Class Honours) from the University of Melbourne where she was awarded the Stephenson and Turner Medal for architecture in her final year. Since 1977 she has been involved in the conservation of historic buildings and sites throughout Australia and Asia. She was a partner in an architectural practice in Melbourne from 1977-1982, established her own private practice in Sydney 1982-85 and has been a partner in McDougall and Vines since its establishment in Adelaide in 1987. She has received numerous awards for her work including the inaugural conservation award for an Outstanding Project by UNESCO for the restoration of the Jewish Synagogue in Hong Kong in 2000, and in 2005 the Cathy Donnelly Memorial Award (presented by National Trust of NSW) for both her personal contribution as an architect and her architectural work, and a Minister's Commendation for her work at Port Adelaide Enfield.

She has worked as a specialist in heritage issues all her architectural career and has undertaken many building restoration projects and prepared over 50 Conservation and Management Plans for government, institutional and private clients. She acts as Heritage Adviser to the City of Broken Hill, NSW and several Adelaide Councils. She has also advised numerous Local Government Authorities on the establishment of heritage areas, local heritage registers and the suitability of proposed developments affecting Local and State Heritage Places. She has prepared many Conservation and Development Guidelines for Councils throughout Australia.

Elizabeth is an Adjunct Professor, Centre for Cultural Heritage in Asia & the Pacific, Deakin University. She is an appointed member of the Development Assessment Commission, South Australia's pre-eminent planning authority (appointed in 1997) and has been an expert witness in numerous Planning Appeals. She is Deputy Presiding Member of the Port Adelaide Redevelopment Committee, and is the author of numerous reports and publications including Streetwise - A Practical Guide (National Trust of New South Wales 1996).

The Staff

Therese Willis - B.Arch (hons) Syd

Therese Willis is a conservation architect who commenced her career as a student architect with the Sydney Cove Authority in the Rocks. Therese has maintained a strong interest in the conservation and the appropriate re-use of heritage buildings throughout her career. Therese has consulted with state and local government agencies on heritage and master planning issues throughout Australia, including the extensive Baillie Henderson Hospital site in Queensland and the township of Evandale in Tasmania. Therese was a Council member of the National Trust in Tasmania whilst residing there and was Asset Manager for the National Trust of South Australia until recently.

Therese has demonstrated a commitment to the conservation and adaptive re-use of buildings and historic zones throughout her career, working on numerous projects throughout Australia which have required either conservation and restoration or sensitive adaptation of historic places to contemporary use. She has demonstrated attention to detail and the ability to analyse and explore options on many challenging projects. She is particularly skilled at stakeholder consultation, leading workshops and information sessions for community groups, local and state government agencies.

Stephanie Nankivell

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McDougall & Vines also utilises the skills of a comprehensive group of specialist sub-consultants. These professionals include other architects, engineers, builders and landscape architects to name a few.


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